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Study Participants

The PrecISE study is not yet open for enrollment. We expect to enroll patients in the Fall of 2019.

Who will be able to join the PrecISE asthma study:

The PrecISE study centers will recruit up to 650 adults and 150 teenagers (ages 12 years and older). The study participants should meet the criteria for severe asthma that is not well-controlled or with frequent asthma attacks. The participant should also be on a stable treatment. People will be recruited from over 30 sites in the US.

What participants will do in the PrecISE asthma study:

As a part of PrecISE research, participants will be assigned a treatment that targets their type of severe asthma. The type of severe asthma will be determined using biomarkers. Biomarkers are bits of information about someone based on data gathered from tests, including blood tests. The likelihood for a participant to receive a therapy will change based on new data that will be collected during the study. Adult participants in PrecISE research may receive at least three treatments, and up to six treatments. Adolescents may receive up to three treatments. 

How PrecISE is different from other studies in severe asthma:

PrecISE will research new treatments in groups of patients characterized by their bodies' specific disease pathways in order to research treatments for each group. PrecISE will include participants with severe asthma to research new treatments.

More about the PrecISE asthma study:

•    Teens and Families: For more about participants ages 12-17, visit the Teens and Families page.
•    Adults: Learn more about adults participating in PrecISE here
•    Sites: Visit the About Us page for a map of PrecISE network sites.


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