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Adults and Severe Asthma

Asthma caused 14.2 million missed days of work in 2008 (CDC)

What do adults with asthma experience on a daily basis? Asthma symptoms include difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness, among others. These symptoms can be triggered by many different things in our typical environments, like pets, smoke, mold, insects, pollution, and more. 

These triggers could be unpredictable and difficult to completely avoid for adults in the workplace, while traveling, and in social situations.

Adults living with chronic severe asthma can be affected by it in their daily lives, and it can have negative consequences on their quality of life.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that: 

•    One in three adults miss at least one day of work annually due to asthma.
•    Three in five people living with asthma limit physical activity in their lives to prevent asthma flare ups. 
•    In the US, the proportion of people living with asthma in the US grew by almost 15 percent between 1999-2009.

The PrecISE asthma study is a nationwide investigational clinical study that will enroll 600 participants ages 18 and up in the US who are living with severe asthma. These study participants will be people whose severe asthma causes frequent asthma attacks. (Adolescents 12-17 will also be enrolled – learn more here.) 

To learn more about the PrecISE asthma study, visit the About Us page

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