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How PrecISE is Different from Other Severe Asthma Studies

Many studies look only at the patient’s symptoms or lung function for choosing a medicine. But people with severe asthma can be very different from each other. They may have the same symptoms, but different things can be happening in their bodies that cause the same symptoms. This means that the same medicine might not work the same way in different people, even if they have the same symptoms. This is one reason that severe asthma is so hard to treat. 

PrecISE has two goals: 1) Research how to more easily identify some of the types of severe asthma. 2) Research treatments for the types of severe asthma being studied in PrecISE.

Different treatment responses for patients who are different but have the same diagnosis and the same drug. Some have no benefit, side effects; some have benefit with side effects, some have benefit with no side effects, and some have no benefit and no side effects.
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How PrecISE is Different from Other Severe Asthma Studies
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