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Why PrecISE - Better ways to treat severe asthma - Watch the video PrecISE is a network looking for better ways to treat teens and adults with severe asthma - learn more in this video.
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PrecISE Co-Investigator Honored as “Hero Doc” by New York Post

Dr. Michael Peters is a west-coast based physician and researcher at the University of California – San Francisco (UCSF). He sees asthma patients there at the Severe Asthma Clinic and is an attending at the UCSF Critical Care Unit.

A native of New York, Dr. Peters’ thoughts turned to home as the medical response to the coronavirus intensified in New York.

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COVID-19 Response and the PrecISE Research Study Safety is our number one priority, for patients, their families, and our team members who work on all aspects of PrecISE.
An employee at the University of Pittsburgh shows how a clinical measurement device is used.
Recruitment and Screening for PrecISE Clinical Study Opens The PrecISE novel clinical trial, which applies precision medicine to severe asthma treatment, reached a major milestone with the opening of recruitment and screening at two study site locations.
Dr. Michael Kosorok
PrecISE Study Featured on UNC-Chapel Hill Podcast Episode Go into the world of precision medicine, with industry expert Dr. Michael Kosorok, in this podcast episode that touches on its importance to the PrecISE study.
Screencap of a video, with transcript text that says "People living with severe asthma,"
Living with Severe Asthma: Click Here to View Video "It’s a disease that can be quite devastating." In this video, see insights from PrecISE care providers.
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May 7 is World Asthma Day As PrecISE makes progress towards an investigational clinical study, World Asthma Day is the perfect time to reflect on the people who are discovering more about severe asthma.
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Precision Medicine Studies: New Panel Discussion and Research Paper An international group of experts met to discuss the gaps in understanding of severe asthma, and barriers that need to be overcome in order to conduct more efficient research studies that result in more effective treatments for patients.  
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PrecISE Introduced to Allergy Researchers at Event for Professional Medical Providers Read about how PrecISE researchers led a symposium at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology’s (AAAAI) Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
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Infographic: Examples of Randomization a Clinical Trial PrecISE is an investigational clinical trial. If you are interested in how randomization works in an investigational clinical trial, below is an example of what a participant may experience.
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