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PrecISE Co-Investigator Honored as “Hero Doc” by New York Post

May 4, 2020 - PrecISE Co-Investigator Honored as “Hero Doc” by New York Post

Dr. Michael Peters is a west-coast based physician and researcher at the University of California – San Francisco (UCSF). He sees asthma patients there at the Severe Asthma Clinic and is an attending at the UCSF Critical Care Unit.

A native of New York, Dr. Peters’ thoughts turned to home as the medical response to the coronavirus intensified in New York.

Dr. Peters made the long journey from west coast to east coast to join the medical response effort at the NewYork Presbyterian Hospital Queens, in Flushing, reported the New York Post.

The newspaper recognized his efforts as its Hero of the Day. Read about Dr. Peters’ experience in the article, New York-born doc travels 3,000 miles to help his home state.

“The UCSF PrecISE team in particular is extremely proud of Dr. Peters and the clinical work he is doing in New York to care for patients with COVID-19,” Dr. John Fahy, Director of the Airway Clinical Research Center at UCSF and Professor of Medicine at UCSF, said. “Michael’s selfless decision to travel to a COVID-19 hotspot where his own health could be endangered reflects his commitment to public good, and his willingness to concretely assist in tackling the major public health emergency of our time.” Dr. Fahy is also a Principal Investigator for PrecISE.

As a co-investigator for PrecISE, Dr. Peters helped create the PrecISE clinical study protocol and is a part of the study’s Steering Committee.

“Michael has been a central figure and a trusted voice in the development of the PrecISE protocol,” Dr. Praveen Akuthota, a Principal Investigator for PrecISE, said. “I greatly admire his willingness to put himself in harm’s way in a time of crisis.” Dr. Akuthota is an attending physician at the University of California - San Diego Hillcrest Medical Center Intensive Care Unit, and he researches severe asthma at the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology.

More about Dr. Peters’ background, training and current research activities, including his work researching severe asthma, can be found on his UCSF profile page.

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